Poker Tables 101

That nice table in your kitchen or that table that has been lying around untouched for some time now can be a great platform to play poker with your friends. But don’t you think it’s nice to have a table that is solely designed for the game, so you can at least improve the atmosphere like the one you can get from playing in a casino? It’s a good thing there are a lot of options available.

Available Shapes and Technological FEatures

pokertableIn terms of technological features and shape, you can choose from a lot of options. It’s best if you search first in the Internet where different poker equipment websites are busy competing with one another.

The strong business competition is breeding more and more varieties of poker tables. For example, you can get one with a rubber foam covering its top. There are also the fold-able ones which are convenient for those with small house space.

For shapes, choose either an oval-shaped or round-shaped one. Your choice should depend on how many players you would invite. Oval-shaped poker tables are good to use if there are many players. Otherwise, you can settle with one that is smaller and has a round shape. Many of these tables come with chairs that are perfectly designed to offer the highest comfort and aesthetic value for the players.

You might want to up your game with technological innovations that come with the more advanced poker tables, such as electronic poker tables. These are perfect for players who want to feel secure during the game and enjoy cost-saving features. With an electronic poker table, the owner can control key elements in a poker game — adaptable percentage for the house, time for players, and other configurations. Your players will surely appreciate the massive central display on which they can view the whole game.

Green or Red?

Many poker table units have that green felt for the players. However, ones with the red felt are also available. It depends on the user and the kind of game that the players expect. If your players are strict, you must choose a table that has marked locations for chips and cards. There are matters on etiquette that should be observed during the game and a good table with proper designations for things can help you maintain trust and honesty among the players.

Other Options

Customization is possible. You can ask a store to feature your name on the table. Others might want to put a saying or even pictures of their loved ones. You may also buy a simple table with a blank top ready to be designed in whatever way you want. Supplies are available at local hobby stores. Look for patterns online which you can use in designing.

To save money, consider buying secondhand. Poker tables are priced from $100 to thousands of dollars. Know what you exactly want and don’t purchase solely for the aesthetic aspect. Put a premium on functionality.